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Payment Terms and Conditions for Monk and Moo Marketing (The Agency)

Thank you for choosing our marketing and design agency. Please read these payment terms and conditions carefully. By using our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by these terms.

Payment Schedule: Our payment schedule is as follows:
a) 50% of the project fee is due upon signing the contract.
b) 25% of the project fee is due upon completion of the first draft.
c) The remaining 25% of the project fee is due upon final approval of the project.

Payment Methods: We accept payment by bank transfer or credit card. If paying by check. If paying by bank transfer, please contact us for our banking information. If paying by credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Late Payments: Payments not received within 30 days of the due date will be considered late. A late fee of 2% per month will be charged on all late payments. If the client fails to pay the balance due within 60 days of the due date, the agency reserves the right to stop work on the project, suspend services, and engage a debt collection agency to recover the outstanding amount. Any costs incurred by the agency in recovering the debt, including legal fees, will be added to the outstanding amount and charged to the client.

Cancellation and Refunds: If the client cancels the project before completion, the agency will retain the initial deposit to cover costs and expenses incurred. Any additional fees paid by the client will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, based on the work completed up to the point of cancellation.

Changes and Revisions: The client may request changes or revisions to the project at any time during the project. However, the agency reserves the right to charge additional fees for significant changes or revisions that are outside the scope of the original project agreement.

Confidentiality: The agency agrees to keep all client information confidential, including project details, pricing, and any other information that is not publicly available.

Ownership: Upon final payment, the client will own all materials produced by the agency, including all intellectual property rights, otherwise agreed upon in writing.  Exception for Branding Assets: The intellectual property rights for branding assets, such as logos and other identity elements, will remain with the designer. If the client wishes to obtain ownership of these assets, it must be purchased separately in writing, with agreed-upon terms.

Liability: The agency is not liable for any damages, including lost profits, that result from the use of our services. The client agrees to indemnify and hold the agency harmless from any claims or damages arising from the client’s use of our services.

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